‘ABP’: Snowbird Brown Reveals Ami In Hospital, Couldn’t Breathe

Alaskan Bush People star Snowbird Brown just revealed some distressing news for fans of the show. She created a new video and says that mother Ami Brown has been admitted to the hospital and Snowbird seemed really emotional about the matter.

Here is what the ABP star said is wrong with Ami Brown and what is going on right now with the family in Washington.

Snowbird Brown Says Ami Brown Admitted To Hospital

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown has not had an easy time lately in Washington. She and her husband Billy moved from Alaska to Washington to get closer to the hospitals since she had her cancer battle a few years back. However, they are still not close to good hospitals, and Billy died after a stroke when he couldn’t get to help on time.

Ami Brown Suffered Pain and Loss - Alaskan Bush People - Discovery Channel

Snowbird Brown recently had her own cancer scare when she had to have large tumors removed from her ovaries. She had to travel a distance from their mountain home to have surgery to remove them. Bear Brown and his wife Raiven are expecting their third child, and they have gone to Texas to be closer to a NICU hospital since there is also not one close to their home in Washington.

Now, Snowbird Brown says that Ami had to be hospitalized. In the Instagram video, she said there has been a bad cold going around right now in Washington. Snowbird said she suffered through the cold and it was bad. She wasn’t able to keep anything down at all. Sadly, Ami, 60, has the same cold and is in the hospital fighting it.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Ami Brown Battling Pneumonia In Hospital

Snowbird Brown posted the video on Saturday night. She said people have been asking about her mother. This is when she revealed that Ami had been admitted to the hospital. The good news is that Snowbird said that Ami is “okay” right now.


Snowbird talked about the cold going around and said Ami had gotten “pretty bad.” On Friday, they had to take Ami to the ER and it turned out that the cold had turned into a bad case of pneumonia. Because there is not a good hospital close to them, they took her to the closest “fairly large town” and Ami is still in the hospital right now.

Snowbird said Ami is on antibiotics with the nurses and doctors caring for her. Sadly, Snowbird can’t see her mom right now since she is still battling the cold. She doesn’t want to go and worsen things since she is also sick. She said that Ami was doing better and she would keep people updated.

Please help send well wishes to Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown as she battles pneumonia in the hospital in the comments below.

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