‘Is This Right Wing?’: Elon Musk Lays Out His Personal Beliefs, Says His Position Is ‘Centrist’

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk voiced his confusion over political partisanship in a post shared via his X platform, saying that while he believed himself to be more of a centrist, his critics seemed certain that he was “right-wing.”

Musk was inspired by another post from Sophie (@netcapgirl) that read, “Going back in time to try to explain how crazy it is that we have a guy who makes electric cars and rocket ships and brain computer interfaces yet a bunch of people hate him because they don’t like his politics or whatever & having them show me a cave drawing of the astronaut meme.”

Musk replied with a list of things that he believed were important to support in society, explaining that what he saw was a “battle to the death” between the rational and “the anti-civilizational woke mind virus.”

“My positions are centrist,” Musk explained, adding, “Secure borders; safe & clean cities; don’t bankrupt America with spending; racism against any race is wrong; no sterilization below age of consent. Is this right-wing?”

Musk replied to his own post with an addendum a short time later, saying “And, although it shouldn’t need to be said, I believe in the Constitution and freedom of speech.”

An X account tied to the Rasmussen Reports polling site responded to Musk’s assessment with recent data showing that a majority of Americans agreed with him.

“Luckily, most of America still does, too. 74% say protecting freedom of speech is more important. 16% say protecting people from offensive speech is more important,” the post read.

Musk debated the issue with ousted CNN anchor Don Lemon, emphasizing his belief in free speech and accusing Lemon of wanting censorship so badly he could “taste it.”


“We don’t agree on this,” Lemon said, and Musk agreed.

“You want censorship and I don’t,” he replied.

Lemon attempted to push back, claiming that what he wanted was not censorship but “responsibility” — but Musk disagreed.

“You desperately want censorship. You want censorship so badly you can taste it,” Musk continued.

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