Just in: Elon Musk completely exposes Bill Gates on Twitter

In a shocking turn of events, billionaire Elon Musk took to Twitter to completely expose his fellow billionaire Bill Gates.

Musk, known for his outspoken and often controversial tweets, unleashed a barrage of accusations against Gates in a scathing takedown that left many stunned.

Musk began his tirade by claiming that Gates had stolen all of his ideas from him. “I mean, have you seen Microsoft? It’s basically just a knockoff of Tesla,” he tweeted. “The guy is a total fraud.”

But Musk didn’t stop there. He went on to accuse Gates of being a secret alien, sent to Earth to infiltrate the tech industry and steal Musk’s thunder.

“Everyone knows that Bill Gates is an extraterrestrial. It’s obvious,” Musk tweeted. “I mean, have you ever seen him eat food? I rest my case.”

The accusations didn’t stop there. Musk also claimed that Gates was secretly hoarding all of the world’s supply of toilet paper, in an effort to control the world’s economy. “It’s a classic move,” Musk tweeted. “Control the TP, control the world.”

Many were left scratching their heads at Musk’s claims, wondering if the billionaire had finally lost his mind. But Musk remained steadfast in his convictions, insisting that he was simply telling the truth about Gates.

“Gates can try to deny it all he wants, but the truth is out there,” Musk tweeted. “And I, for one, am not afraid to speak it.”

As of yet, Gates has not responded to Musk’s accusations. But if history is any indication, we can expect a fiery response from the tech giant in the coming days. In the meantime, the world can only sit back and watch as two of the richest men on the planet engage in a Twitter war for the ages.

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