The first patient with Elon Musk’s chip in his brain and his incredible reaction: It’s crazy

Elon Musk’s obsession with pioneering in different areas led him to implant a chip with which to control a computer in a person’s brain for the first time.

Thanks to Neuralink, we have now been able to verify that this is already a reality and Noland Arbaugh, 29, is able to play video games, chess and perform various tasks using the chip of the South African tycoon, owner of technology companies such as Tesla, SpaceX and X (formerly Twitter).

It has been two months since Arbaugh underwent the history-making procedure, and a few weeks later, Neuralink shared the first images of the patient.

“It’s crazy,” says Arbaugh, who describes himself as a thrilled person and considers the progress to be “great”.

Arbaugh was a victim of a diving accident and shared his experience of what it has been like to be able to control activities such as playing video games with his thoughts.

“What you all are doing is just going to change the world. It’s going to change the way people like me can live their lives,” Arbaugh said.

Arbaugh will celebrate his new experience as Professor Charles Xavier

The young man is the first person able to control his computer thanks to the chip implanted by the company, which shows how he can now play video games such as ‘Civilization’ while joking with the rest of those present in a historic moment that could revolutionise the scientific and technological field.

Arbaugh is so happy that he has already announced that for Halloween he will dress up as Professor Charles Xavier, that is, the character who leads the X-Men.

“I think it’s quite appropriate… I’m basically telekinetic,” he said with a laugh.

After being paralysed from the shoulders down following a diving accident, the young man is now in the spotlight thanks to Neuralink. After two months, he claims that there have been no side effects and considers that the progress has been encouraging, hinting that there will be more publications showing this progress.

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